Video Production in Phoenix, AZ

Aero Drone Visions pricing is customized on a per project basis. We quote based on the scope of each project and meet our clients budgeting after the scope of the production is agreed upon with the client. We inform the client that we are flexible after the shoot production begins if the scope of the project changes. Frequently the client wants more photos for example, or the client wants a format that allows print media. The change may require upgrade charges.

Our productions have included for example a basic one minute Video with Graphics and music score for $450. Photos of the same project may run for a minimum of $250 to $500 or more depending on the quality and quantity. We have access to a talent pool should narration is chosen as well as script writing. Videos can be short 30 second Ad types, where as longer 2 to 3 minute videos with narration may run $1500. on avg. depending on scope.

In our Markets there are production Companies with less expensive pricing than we are and the quality of the end production is often degraded in the viewer's eyes. And there are Companies with more expensive production pricing.

After checking out the quality of our Portfolio of Productions in this website please contact us so we can establish a great production for you and a long term business relationship.