Vertical Markets produced for includes: Commercial Buildings and Development(s), Inspection and Construction Progress; Community Developments; Destination Marketing Companies; Corporate and Group Events; City/State Events; Institutional/University Events and Venues; Advertising for Client Ads and promotion; High end Residential $600K plus and Residential Community Developments

We produce and Edit Photography/Videography including Drone Visuals for anyone wanting to Increase Value and Return on Investment in a dramatic, cost competitive manner.


Principal Partner - Marketing

Paul is responsible to make sure our services helps customers and their clients make more money, get more clients and impress everyone.

He is recognized as an Executive producing a 60% success rate with National Technical startups. This produced 5 Companies with products in the market today. Previous Companies produced one of a kind patented, pioneering products.

Aero Drone Visions for Paul is an extension of his unique experience

 as Arizona clients in large numbers have utilized our differentiated aerial and photographic techniques unavailable from other AZ providers. This enables a higher trajectory for client promotion, website enhancement, print media.

Paul's collaborative network of other top national Executives has leveraged this with highly respected Arizona Companies for differentiated visuals.

He has produced Broadcast quality News Releases; Developed TV commercials aired during Oprah and produced infomercial for Education and Instruction of use.

Paul is FAA 107 Certified

Education, Training & Community

Arizona State University, BS Marketing

Marketing Director 2015 National Reunion Phi Gamma Delta

Founding President MN Alumni of ASU

Member of Sky Eye Network largest Association of Drone Operators

Principal Partner - Video/Photography


Ron is responsible for extraordinary photography/videography and to impress everyone.

 He proudly served in the Air Force and attended Ohio Institute of Photography. After graduation he moved to Chicago where he assisted various high profile Photographers. 

Ron chose to specialize in Bridal and Prom fashions and his work was published in Brides, Modern Bride, Seventeen, YM magazines.

Today, Ron uses techniques, software and layer blending beyond HDR offering clients photography and videography available from few professionals. This armamentarium gives clients enhanced views and perspectives for their promotions, advertising, brochures, website enhancement and other marketing that improves bottom line performance as compared to its competitors.

In Arizona, Ron and Aero Drone Visions, specializes in Photography/Videography, including Aerials plus one of a kind Documentary style for high end residential Real Estate Properties, Realtors and Brokers. Additional markets served includes: Resorts, Institutions like Universities/Hospitals, Business owners, Building/Residential Inspections, Events and Venues like Sports Facilities, Developers, Construction sites, and Commercial Developments. 

Ron is FAA 107 Certified  

Education, Training & Community

  • Ohio Institute of Photography

  • Sky Eye Network member the largest association of commercial drone operators in US.

  • Phoenix Drone Command Course and Certified as a Drone Pilot

7736 E. Hazelwood St. | Scottsdale, Az. 85251 

 paul.aerodronevisions@gmail.com | ron.aerodronevisions@gmail.com

Tel: 612-386-6216 | Tel: 480-420-8115

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